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Last update: 2015.03.25

A scientist works in a laboratory.

Renewable energies, medical technology or marine sciences: Schleswig-Holstein believes in technologies of the future.

Schleswig-Holstein offers young people many opportunities for exploring the world. At the well-loved book readings for children at Kiel University, for example, or the "Multimar Wattforum" in Tönning or the "Phänomenta" in Flensburg, where scientific experiments and such with the faculties of sensation can be experienced. The "Mediendom" at the Kiel University of Applied Sciences, too, opens its doors to young explorers. During day-time, students grind away in their lectures and at night and on the weekends, the most modern projection technology in Europe transforms the hall into a cinema for those thirsting for knowledge. School pupil laboratories in Borstel, Flensburg, Geesthacht and Lübeck also grant insights into research: School pupils, interested in modern scientific approaches and methods are allowed to use the laboratories to conduct experiments, such as cloning real bacteria – under supervision of course. The Research Express of the Leibniz Institute for Science Education (IPN) even stops at primary schools where it carries out scientific experiments together with children. Anyone having experienced the Express will have no difficulty imagining how science works.

Top performance towards a shared vision

For many years, Schleswig-Holstein has been committed to supporting tomorrow’s technologies – in the development of alternative energy sources, in medical technology or marine science. Take Lübeck for example. With numerous companies and research institutes, the Hanseatic City is a centre for Germany’s medical technology sector. Within the country’s research community, the city’s university is considered to be amongst those leading the medical field. Working together with a company, that is a specialist in the field of joint replacements, a new type of endo-exo prosthesis has been developed in the Surgical Clinic that enables an artificial leg to be attached, via an adapter, to the patient’s thigh bone. In the fields of molecular biology and biochemistry, the Hanseatic City’s researchers are players in the top league, as well.

The research centre for genetics at the Christian-Albrechts-University in Kiel is also one of the world leaders. A group of scientists is working on clarification of the genetic conditions causing Crohn’s disease, an infectious illness of the digestive tract. Their findings are leading to new biotech-based treatments that they are developing within their own company. It is not by chance that the number of people studying, with particular success, human medicine and natural sciences in Schleswig-Holstein is so far above the national average. In the Land between the seas they find academics of international reputation and an unusually attractive study environment.

Four researchers on a boat.

Expertise in seas

The Land has already gained an excellent reputation as the place to be in the health sector. The goal for the following years is to make a name for itself as a model region in the field of marine science and commerce. Throughout Schleswig-Holstein, over 20,000 young people have signed up for courses of study relevant to this field. There is a long tradition of research in all areas of marine science in Schleswig-Holstein, for which the Land has gained international recognition. The Geomar - Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel offers the most diverse research and study programme in Europe. Forty companies have now gathered in the vicinity of the Institute, employing some 200 highly qualified scientists, engineers and technicians. In addition to those in the university cities, many other important research institutes are to be found, including centres on the islands of Helgoland and Sylt, and in Büsum and Geestacht on the river Elbe.

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