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Munitions in German Marine Waters

Munitions encountered

In case of encountering munitions or warfare material in German territorial waters or within the German Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) please report to the National Point of Contact in the German Maritime Safety and Security Center.

Last update: 2015.05.04

What to report

Try to forward answers on these questions or send in images:

  • Suggested or identified type of object? (your professional background)
  • Where is the object now? (Coordinates according to WGS 84)
  • Estimated size and weight of the object?
  • What is it made of and state of corrosion?
  • Estimated point of origin? (Trawl route, dredging point etc.)
  • Do you expect immediate assistance?
  • In case of professional EOD: What are you going to do? What did you do with it? (Coordinates of the blast operation)

National point of contact

The Maritime Safety and Security Center serves as German national point of contact related to this topic. Please contact the Waterways Police Reporting and Coordination Center within this framework:

Telephone +49 30 185420-1609
Telefax +49 30 185420-2009

Background Information

According to the German Basic Law (Constitution) the responsibility for safety, security and law enforcement in German marine waters is shared between a number of agencies and public authorities. The areas in charge are divided territorially as well as to different objectives, like fishery, ship security or border patrol. To integrate all these public services according to present requirements, the German Joint Emergency Reporting and Assessment Center Sea was established in 2005 as an intergovernmental agency of maritime related German federal and state agencies. The German Joint Emergency Reporting and Assessment Center uses the same building as the German Central Command for Maritime Emergencies (Havariekommando). All agencies still follow their designated tasks but the common center allows to share information easily and to coordinate resources fast and to good economical results.

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