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Welcome to Schleswig-Holstein

"Moin Moin". This is how folks from Schleswig-Holstein greet their visitors. Strangers who come to Schleswig-Holstein receive a warm welcome here and often stay for ever. The land between the seas lives up to its promise: you will find cultural diversity, friendly social interaction and natural landscapes.

Welcome to Schleswig-Holstein

Schleswig-Holstein’s position between two seas – the North Sea and the Baltic Sea – is unique in Germany and characterizes its people and their lifestyle. The land between the seas, as it’s called, has preserved large stretches of its unspoiled nature – not least through consistent protection.

Schleswig-Holstein’s countryside and its big sky have inspired poets and thinkers from time immemorial. For example, the author Günter Grass, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, has been living in Schleswig-Holstein, where Thomas and Heinrich Mann and Theodor Storm once worked and wrote.

Fine artists – like painter Emil Nolde and sculptor Ernst Barlach - have always been impressed by the colorful splendor of nature, the fascinating clouds, the raging storms and the sea itself.

State Government


Representation in Berlin

Schleswig-Holstein’s Representation in Berlin - For Good Policies in Land and Federation

Culture in Schleswig-Holstein

Culture for people from Schleswig-Holstein or for tourists – whatever your tastes and preferences may be, you will always find a suitable offer here.

Doing Business in Schleswig-Holstein

Extensive and well-maintained infrastructure systems contribute to Schleswig-Holstein’s economic success.

Tourism in Schleswig-Holstein

Apart from being a location for industry, culture and higher education, Schleswig-Holstein is a perfect holiday destination as well.

Education in Schleswig-Holstein

Education starts early in Schleswig-Holstein so that even very young children are provided for.

Research and Development

Renewable energies, medical technology or marine sciences: Schleswig-Holstein believes in technologies of the future.

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