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Ministry of Social Affairs, Health, Youth, Family and Senior Citizens

Portraitfoto Dr. Heiner Garg
Dr. Heiner Garg

Minister of Social Affairs, Health, Youth, Family and Seniors

© M. Staudt / grafikfoto.de

Minister Dr. Heiner Garg and Secretary of State, Dr. Matthias Badenhop, are in charge of the Ministry of Social Affairs, Health, Youth, Family and Senior Citizens of the Land Schleswig-Holstein (in short: “Ministry of Social Affairs").

The Ministry is responsible for a wide range of political issues which include aspects of social welfare health system and health prevention as well as policies for disabled persons, protection of children and young people, policies for families, children, youth and senior citizens. Furthermore the ministry is involved with the creation of honorary offices and civil societies, the support of municipalities in supplying kindergartens and the promotion of equal opportunities for men and women.

The employees work in the departments as administrative employees, and there are experts particularly in the medical, social science and legal fields.

With regard to the social policy sector, national legislation extensively determines social policy through the German Central Government. The consequence is that the Ministry is assigned the task of presentation and structuring, in order to promote the implementation of laws and to support that is to supervise persons taking an active role in the process (particularly local authorities, social insurance agencies and associations).

Overview of duties

  • Children, youth and family policy
  • Social and disabled policy
  • Health policy
  • Senior citizens policy
  • Social systems
  • occupational safety and health
  • kindergartens