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Ministry of the Interior, Rural Areas, Integration and Equality

Portraitfoto Dr. Sabine Sütterlin-Waack
Dr. Sabine Sütterlin-Waack

Minister of the Interior, Rural Areas, Integration and Equality

© M. Staudt/grafikfoto.de

Ministry of the Interior, Rural Areas, Integration and Equality

The tasks of the Ministry of the Interior, Rural Areas, Integration and Equality (MILIG) include various aspects of life of the people living in Schleswig-Holstein.

Its staff is made up by more than 500 employees spread over seven divisions, headed by the Minister, Dr. Sabine Sütterlin-Waack.

Subordinate authorities associated with the Ministry are: The Bureau for Surveying and Geoinformation, the Office for Immigration and Refugees as well as the State Firefighting School.

The tasks

Money is not everything, but without money, all is nothing: The General Department is in charge of finance management as well as of issues relating to our constitution.

Starting with the first housing, continuing with linguistic courses up to naturalization: The Department for Integration and Immigration takes care of all those seeking shelter and a new home.

The staff of the Municipal Department is point of contact for cities, independent municipalities and communities. This includes providing support for fire brigades and rescue organizations by financing new vehicles and equipment.

Visible for everyone in its daily street work is the Police Department. Ensuring an efficient, motivated and qualified police force by providing adequate staff and equipment.

Whether homestead or rented dwelling – everybody needs a roof over their heads. The Division of Construction and Housing is dealing with all matters of this concern.

Planning permission for a new supermarket? Site evaluation for a wind power plant? Our territory is limited. The Department of Urban Development and Rural Areas provides framework and planning conditions for the Schleswig-Holstein landscaping projects.

In order to protect our rule of law, the staff members of the Department ‘Protection of the Constitution’ keep a watchful eye on the enemies of our democracy.

Our field office for Gender Equality promotes equal rights and opportunities for women and men and is in charge of the prevention of violence against women.