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Ministry of the Interior, Rural Areas an Integration

Portraitfoto Hans-Joachim Grote
Hans-Joachim Grote

Minister of the Interior, Rural Areas, Integration and Equality

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Ministry of the Interior, Rural Areas and Integration

The Schleswig-Holstein Ministry of the Interior, Rural Areas and Integration is responsible in particular for internal security, including the police force and the protection of the constitution, municipal affairs, urban development and housing, constitution and legislation, as well as foreigner affairs and matters of integration.

Providing security for Schleswig-Holstein

The Ministry ensures an efficient, motivated and qualified police force by providing adequate staff and equipment. Another focal point is prevention.

The Land supports districts and municipalities in the field of firefighting services. This includes firefighting, technical assistance, fire prevention and contributions to disaster prevention. The Land maintains the Land Fire Fighting School and financially supports municipal investments in fire prevention measures and equipment.

The function of the protection of the constitution is to protect our free democratic basic order. It observes all anti-constitutional activities by extremist groups and is also responsible for counter-intelligence.

Ensuring legal order

The Ministry of the Interior checks the formal legality of all bills prepared by the different ministries of Schleswig-Holstein and addresses all issues resulting from the constitution and its further development. Other tasks include holding elections and the supervision of the Land Statistical Office.

Cities, independent municipalities and the administrative bodies of Ämter receive advice with regard to the question whether their actions are legal and appropriate. In his role as Minister for Municipal Affairs, the Minister of the Interior supports and advises districts, cities and municipalities in fulfilling their tasks. It is important here to ensure that the municipalities are equipped with adequate financial resources. The tasks of the Minister also include promoting sports and sports facility construction.

Regulating construction

The construction of affordable rental apartments and owner-occupied houses is promoted; cities and municipalities receive support for urban renewal and development projects. In its role as the highest building control authority (oberste Bauaufsichtsbehörde), the Ministry of the Interior takes care of issues related to construction law and urban development planning. The Land Office for Surveying and Geodata is an authority reporting to the Ministry.

Migration and integration

In the field of migration and integration, the Minister of the Interior is responsible for the freedom of movement, the right of residence and the right of asylum. This includes receiving refugees and fundamental issues relating to integration and naturalisation.


The Ministry of Equality is the essence of politics for women who need support, and for all who want women to receive more meaningful opportunities in the community, society and economy. In a society of equal rights, men and women both take responsibility in all aspects of life. The Land Government sees women’s politics as crossing subject boundaries so that structural inequalities are to be removed, and women provided with new opportunities.

Duties overview:

  • Providing and maintaining Schleswig-Holstein’s police force
  • Supporting municipalities in fulfilling their tasks
  • Urban development and rural areas
  • Managing migration and integration of migrants and refugees
  • Promoting equal opportunities for men and women