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Ministry of Justice, European Affairs and Consumer Protection

Claus Christian Claussen

Minister of Justice, European Affairs and Consumer Protection

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The Ministry of Justice, European Affairs and Consumer Protection is run by the Minister, Claus Christian Claussen, and the State Secretary, Wilfried Hoops. Around 200 civil servants, lawyers, officers of justice and employees work in the five departments of the ministry. The Minister is thus the highest employer of a total of 5.300 civil servants, and responsible for resourcing courts, the public prosecutor's offices, prisons and social justice services with personnel and equipment.

Legal policy close to the citizen

The Ministry follows a juridical and political agenda which is in line with citizens’ needs. It offers citizens, the business community and other authorities a variety of online services within the framework of the e-government service on a national and regional level. The comprehensive investment programme for modernising the prisons is a further focus in Schleswig-Holstein.

Current projects include the advancement of mediation and other methods of alternative dispute resolution, strengthening the protection of victims, the offender-victim mediation and juvenile delinquency diversion. In addition to working extensively on the juvenile delinquency, another aim is to accelerate the justice procedures, for young offenders even further.

Europe for Schleswig-Holstein

Schleswig-Holstein's European policy increasingly takes place in Berlin and Brussels. The German Länder more and more co-decide on European affairs especially in the Bundesrat, the second chamber of German Federal parliamentary system in which the German Länder cooperate on European politics of the German Federal Government. Nevertheless, the Land Government of Schleswig-Holstein promotes its own interests directly to the EU as well. To this extent Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg have established the Hanse-Office in Brussels as a joint representation to the EU.

Additionally, the European policy of the Land Government is based on cross-border cooperation with Denmark, an active Baltic Sea policy as well as the elaboration of a strategy for the North Sea area.

The Land Government supports a mandatory common and democratically coordinated economic, financial and social policy in the European Union. Necessarily, the collaboration and scrutiny by the European Parliament and national parliaments needs to be assured and the influence of the regions maintained. The aim is a social, democratic and solidary Europe.

Consumer Protection

The Ministry of Justice, European Affairs and Consumer Protection coordinates policies and measures of consumer protection, safeguarding that consumers are kept from harm and are provided with important information. The mission of Schleswig-Holstein’s consumer protection policy is to ensure that well-informed, confident consumers are enabled to act in a competent and critical manner with a high degree of personal responsibility.