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Ankommen in Schleswig-Holstein

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Persons/Bodies to contact concerning immigration

Here you may find persons and bodies to contact in the field of immigration and integration in Schleswig-Holstein, including for example the Immigration Advice Service in Schleswig-Holstein or assistance in cases of special protection needs.

Advisory services specific to immigration

Voluntary repatriation

Who provides advice and assistance for immigrants or asylum-seekers with special protection requirements?

Pregnant women, persons with special impediments or disabilities, victims of trafficking in human beings and unaccompanied minors are for example considered to be persons having special protection requirements. But special protection requirements can also be necessary for other groups of persons, such as LSBTTIQ*-refugees. The following bodies and institutions make provisions for different target groups.

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Refugees and disabilities/impediments

Schleswig-Holstein aims to be a state characterized by friendly togetherness. Persons with disabilities or impediments should be respected and accepted as a matter of course. .

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