Landesportal Schleswig-Holstein

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Flüchtlinge in Schleswig-Holstein

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Persons/Bodies to contact concerning immigration

Every year, persons from a very wide variety of countries come to the Federal Republic of Germany.

State Office for Affairs relating to Foreigners and Immigration

Schleswig-Holstein takes in some 3.3% of such persons coming to Germany; the State Office provides them with accommodation, food and support in many branches of everyday life for a limited period of time. See link below:

State Office for Affairs relating to Foreigners and Immigration

Advisory services specific to immigration

Zwei asiatische Frauen sitzen im Beratungsgespräch. Beratungsgespräch (Vergrößerung öffnet sich im neuen Fenster) © Landesregierung

Immigrants of both sexes have access to a network of advisory services throughout the state of Schleswig-Holstein. The employees at such centres provide advice and accompanying support for all immigrants in the course of their process of integration, enabling them to act independently in all aspects of their everyday lives. For more information:

Advisory services specific to immigration

Individual-case advice and counselling

All decisions relating to individual rights of residence are taken exclusively by the appropriate immigration authorities in the local administrative districts or administratively independent towns and cities of Schleswig-Holstein. Further information under:

Einzelfallberatung in den Ausländerbehörden

Hardship Commission

Under aliens and immigration law, the Hardship Commission can submit an appeal in individual cases to the State Ministry of Home Affairs if members of the Commission should determine that there are pressing humanitarian or personal grounds to justify the continued residence within the territory of the Federal Republic of a person or persons obliged to leave the country as the result of an enforceable ruling. See the following website:



Persons permanently resident in Schleswig-Holstein who do not yet have German nationality are entitled to apply for naturalization. The process of naturalization places you on an equal footing with German nationals and gives you the same rights and obligations as other citizens in the federal state. Cf. the following link:


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