Landesportal Schleswig-Holstein

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Flüchtlinge in Schleswig-Holstein

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Advisory services specific to immigration

The advisory body established in Schleswig-Holstein is the Immigration Welfare Advice Service (MBSH). This is the body to contact in all questions relating to both residence legislation and to general issues of integration; the service is available to persons from any group, irrespective of their residence status.

The centres and persons to contact at the Immigration Welfare Advice Service may be found on the following website:

Immigration Welfare Advice Service

Besides the Immigration Welfare Advice Service available in the state of Schleswig-Holstein, the federal government also offers additional advice and counselling services which are open to recognised refugees:

The Immigration Advice Service for Adult Immigrants (MBE) provides assistance to adults in all questions relating to everyday life in Germany. For example, if you want to know how much a German-language course costs, how you can have your school-leaving certificate or other qualification recognised, where you can find an apartment or flat, or if you have questions concerning issues of health, family or even education and child upbringing, you may address these questions to the Immigration Advice Service for Adult Immigrants (MBE). More information is available here:

Beratung für Erwachsene

Immigration Service Centres for Young People (JMD) provide advice and counselling for young persons and adults up to the age of 27 years when they are no longer subject to the legal obligation to attend school. More information on JMD services can be found here:

Beratung für junge Menschen

Detail of advice centres of the Immigration Service for Young People can be found on the following website:

Youth Migration Services / Jugendmigrationsdienst

Here you will find an overview of all the advice centres in Schleswig-Holstein. You can also search for such advice centres in different administrative districts or administratively independent towns/cities. You can also find organisations on this page that are responsible on a national basis for the entire state of Schleswig-Holstein.
It is also possible to conduct a nation-wide search for a wide variety of different advice and counselling centres on the following website:


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